• Coal Mine - Dragline

  • Oil Sand Mining - CCO-Lined Leakbox

  • Hard Rock Mine - Shovel Bucket

  • Hard Rock Mine - Bucket Wheel

  • Oil Sand Mining - Pump Box

Welcome to Trimay Wear Plate

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Alloy-clad Wear Pipe

Trimay® Pipe Products is a division of Trimay® that alloy clads the inside diameters of steel pipe using an FCAW process. It was established in....


Alloy-clad Wear Plate

Trimay® Wear Plate Ltd. manufactures overlay/inlay onto steel plate for corrosive, erosive and abrasive environments. Our company began in...


Case Study

Field reports have proven Trimay's material to excel in a number of environments. In the past customers have provided feedback mainly verbally, however, we are now seeking more documented application feedback as well as written success stories from raving customers. If you would like to share your successful application on our website, or view testimonials or plate/pipe case studies, click to Sign up/Log In .